Request for information on display terminals (third party request)

From: Brian Mahoney <>
Date: Tue May 25 20:04:00 2004

I got this request from my site. Please reply directly to the person, since
they are not a member of this group.

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Leslie and Randy Thompson <>
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Hi there!

I am in search of two 1970s video display terminals and have been unable to
find any information thus far on these two particular models.

The first one is the ADDS Console 580 (ADDS stands for Applied Digital Data
Systems. ADDS is now called Boundless Technologies.

The second one is the DigiLog (300 Baud) Video Display Terminal.

Any direction or tips would very much appreciated. I am trying to find one
or both if at all possible.


Leslie Thompson

Thanks crew. If you have info, reply to them.

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