RSTS/E software

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Wed May 26 11:28:23 2004

>Does anyone know if any of the v6 or v5 distributions have
>survived to the present time?

Copies of V6 have survived, I'm aware of one list member that has a
copy, but can't get to the physical media at this time. I'm also
aware of one or two other people that have emulator images but,
despite of the "Supnik License", are unwilling to make it available.

I'm not aware of any copies of V5, but three DECtapes for V4A-12 were
recently imaged.

I'd be *VERY* interested in getting copies of pre-V7 RSTS, as well as
additional versions of V7 and V8 , and any layered products.


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