for sale etiquette?

From: ben franchuk <>
Date: Wed May 26 12:44:11 2004

der Mouse wrote:
>I also use the Mouse identity in other, noncomputer, circles; "in
> computer circles" does not mean "in, and only in, computer circles".
>>Why do you waste so much time quibbling over VCM terms & conditions
>>when much more important battles are to be won against the bank? Is
>>it because you know the bank would not give you an account if you
>>tried to argue over their T&C?

I too the legal bit needs to be revised, as both parties need to compromise.
What bothers me more, is just what can be sold as hardware and software?
If I buy a old PC ( for example only ), do I get the OS even if the HD
is wiped since with out software the PC is useless? What about the
software drivers for a weard HD or video card?
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