Wanted: M9312 ROMs

From: wai-sun chia <squidster_at_techie.com>
Date: Wed May 26 04:43:06 2004

Hello list,
Have been fooling around with my 11/04 and all is great, but problem is I have no 70s peripherals. I only have 80s stuff; i.e. MSCP/RA/DU disks and tapes.

So I'll need boot ROMs which supports RA and DU disks. Because my 11/04 used to be an embedded CNC drill controller, in the place of the regular CPU diagnostic is has a weird proprietary program which tries to initialize some long-gone/dead equipment which used to be connected to the PDP.

In summary, I'm willing to pay a fair/reasonable price for the following M9312 ROMs (unless some one has spares, then I wouldn't mind them free of course :-)):

1. Console Emulator and Diagnostic ROM (P/N 23-248F1)
   For use on 11/04, 11/05, 11/34, 11/35, 11/40, 11/45, 11/50, 11/55 systems

2. UDA50 DU Boot ROM (P/N 23-767A9)
   For booting from RAnn/RDnn MSCP disks

3. TK50/TU81 MU Boot ROM (P/N 23-E39A9)
   For booting from TK/TU TMSCP tapes

4. RX02 DY Boot ROM (P/N 23-811A9)
   For booting from a RX02 8" floppy
   (don't have one now, but trying..)

5. RL01/02 RL Boot ROM (P/N 23-751A9)
   For booting from RL01/RL02 disk cartridge systems
   (also don't have one now, but trying...)

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