Wanted: M9312 ROMs

From: Ashley Carder <wacarder_at_usit.net>
Date: Wed May 26 21:15:52 2004

I have the numbers on the blank ones, but I'll have to look at
some on the boards to find out. One of my boards has PROMs on
it that don't have the DEC numbers. When I acquired these
boards, I noticed that some of the ROMs were not numbered with
DEC numbers and I looked them up on Google and found several
electronics places that said they sold them.


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  Doesn't the M9312 use Bipolar PROMs? (they are .3" wide 16 pin devices)
Does anyone know the part numbers of the blank ones or have a source for
them or a programmer that can program them?

   Just in case you're not familar with what these look like here's a
picture of one.

   Can the same ROM code be used in a M8578 or other ROM card? It uses .6"
wide 28 pin ROMs.


At 06:37 PM 5/26/04 -0500, you wrote:
>sure I'll host it. I'll just put it under www.classiccmp.org/M9312
>Someone just give me the files!
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>> I agree with Fred: I'd like to see an electronic library of 9312
>> bootstraps that we could all share and download as necessary. I have
>> a /84 and /70 that I'd like to get images for (TK50, etc.) that I
>> don't already have. Burning an EPROM seems like an easy way to go.
>> Any images already archived?
>> Any volunteers to host a collection?
>> John
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