What's the weirdest thing that you've ever found inside a computer?

From: Erik S. Klein <classiccmp_at_vintage-computer.com>
Date: Wed May 26 22:33:37 2004

I used to configure and upgrade first-generation PCs for a subsidiary of
Magnavox. One day I pulled one out of stock and noticed a hole in the
top of the box surrounded by white powder.

Opening the box I saw that the hole and the powder continued through to
the computer case.

Removing the case from the box I saw that the hole had been produced by
a large masonry nail that had been fired from a nail gun perpendicular
to the preferred direction. It had pierced the top of the PC and gone
entirely through the disk drive and most of the way out of the bottom of
the case.

The white powder was from the sheetrock wall that it had pierced prior
to entering the PC box.

>From the position of this PC in inventory (4-5 feet off the ground with
nothing between it and the office space) it is entirely likely that it
gave up its life to save one of ours.

The construction folks next door were none too happy to buy the machine,
but they paid list price plus a fair markup and they patched the wall.

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