Pressed Particle Board Shelving Warning

From: R. D. Davis <>
Date: Thu May 27 00:19:48 2004

Quothe Zane H. Healy, from writings of Wed, May 26, 2004 at 09:41:14PM -0700:
> That's some good advice and you just got me to thinking... As much as I
> hate particle board, I bought a couple *cheap* bookcases for my one storage

These shelves with the pressed particle board (it felt as hard as rock
when it was new; felt as solid as oak) were far from cheap... so, if those

> unit a few years ago. We're probably going to be moving in a few months,
> and if we do, I'll finally have a garage to setup some of my DEC HW, as well
> as store various items. I rather figured I'd move those bookcases out of
> storage and into the garage, now I'm not so sure, as storage will be much,
> much dryer.

Glad to hear that it got you thinking... DEC equipment possibly
crashing through bookcases wouldn't be a pleasant sight.

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