Pressed Particle Board Shelving Warning

From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Thu May 27 05:57:39 2004

On Thu, 2004-05-27 at 04:18, R. D. Davis wrote:
> No other space to store some of these things, so, I'm just hoping for
> the best until I can make other arrangements, but 3/4" oak planks,
> which I'd prefer to use for adding some support, have become quite
> expensive. Replacing the particleboard would be a major pain, since
> the entire shelving assembly would have to be disassembled.

Can't you put a brace made from a piece of angle iron diagonally under
each shelf? That should significantly increase the load capacity. As
Pete says, those sorts of shelves do tend to sag a lot rather than
actually break.

I've got entirely metal shelving up in the roof space for things like
floppy and hard drives - ask around locally and you'll probably find
someone throwing some out. It's bowing slightly (surprising how much
30-odd drives weigh!) but at least I know it's not going to suddenly
break (I'm more worried about the whole lot falling through the floor to
be honest :-)

I use wooden shelving for the manuals - just cheap and nasty pine stuff
(I was given three large units which somebody was throwing out,
otherwise I would have built something a bit more substantial). So far
no problems with that, despite the weight of paper that they're holding.

'real' wood is surprisingly expensive these days it seems!


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