Help identifying AppleII cards?

From: Dave Dunfield <>
Date: Thu May 27 14:08:43 2004

Picked up a IIe today - has a couple of cards in it that I have not seen

        Copyright 1981 by CYBORG CORP
        Large format card (large enough to slope down at front)
        Has an 6522 on it.
        Also has an external battery box that plugs into a small barrel
        jack at the front of the card.
        Has 6 pin terminal strip, plus two 34 pin ribbon cable headers.
        Small 4-position DIP switch at front, 8-position DIP switch farther
        back (under terminal strip).

#2 No markings at all.
        Smaller card, slightly longer than Apple disk controller.
        Has a 20 pin header sticking out the back of the card.
        Has an RCA 1802 CPU on it!
        2 2k EPROMS
        1 6 position DIP switch.

Anyone recognize these?

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