VT100 ROM 2 wanted [Was: Wanted: M9312 ROMs]

From: John A. Dundas III <dundas_at_caltech.edu>
Date: Thu May 27 15:41:44 2004

I have a complete set and have been meaning to do just this, but have
not gotten around to it. When I finally do, I will gladly contribute
these to the archive.


At 9:44 PM +0200 5/27/04, Gerold Pauler wrote:
>I think archiving ROM images is a very good idea.
>I should have done this earlier.
>A few weeks ago my VT100 decided to give up on ROM 2.
>So I am looking for an replacement or at least the image of ROM 2.
>Even better if someone would have images of all VT100 ROMs.
>Part No of my ROM 2 is 23-032E-00.
>As of DEC VT100 schematics it should be a 2316.
> Gerold (pdp8.de)
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