Lear Siegler ADM-3A CRT problem

From: Eric F. <elf_at_ucsd.edu>
Date: Thu May 27 15:58:14 2004

Hi folks,

I've had a Lear Siegler ADM 3A terminal in storage (a closet) for a number of years, and recently went to pull it out.

Much to my disappointment, the CRT now has some problems (_physical_ problems, not electronic).

When I originally stored it (about 4 years ago), all was well. But now there are bunch of "spots" peppering the outer perimeter of the front of the CRT. These spots are NOT on the surface of the CRT (i.e., it is not a "bubbling" sort of phenomenon), but rather behind the outer glass.

Here are some pictures: (approx. 35K each)


When I power the terminal up and type some characters, they are all perfectly readable when located away from these spots (i.e., towards the center of the screen). But if the characters are positioned behind these spots, it is as blurry as hell.

1) What's happened to my CRT? Is this symptomatic of a slow air leak? Or is this mold? (it sure looks like it! :-)

2) Can the CRT be fixed/repaired? (my guess is no)

3) If it (the CRT) can't be fixed, does anyone know a source for a new (or used) one? (It is a "Ball Brothers Inc." CRT)

Kind regards,
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