VT100 ROM 2 wanted [Was: Wanted: M9312 ROMs]

From: Pete Turnbull <pete_at_dunnington.u-net.com>
Date: Thu May 27 17:16:35 2004

On May 27, 21:44, Gerold Pauler wrote:
> I think archiving ROM images is a very good idea.
> I should have done this earlier.
> A few weeks ago my VT100 decided to give up on ROM 2.
> So I am looking for an replacement or at least the image of ROM 2.
> Even better if someone would have images of all VT100 ROMs.
> Part No of my ROM 2 is 23-032E-00.
> As of DEC VT100 schematics it should be a 2316.

You mean 23-032E2, and it's actually ROM 1 according to my chart. It's
at http://www.dunnington.u-net.com/public/DECROMs/ along with some
others that have been there for quite a long time.

Since there seems to be a demand, I'll put some of the rest of my
collection there too.

For the moment, my list of what all those ROMs are isn't up there, but
it's on my ToDo list :-) What I do have is are "I have" and "wanted"

23-031E2 VT100 terminal ROM
23-051L1 TQK50 Rev.D1 E3 ROM
23-094E2 VT100 extra chargen
23-095E2 VT100 extra chargen
23-096E2 VT100 extra chargen
23-097E2 VT132 extra chargen
23-098E2 VT132 extra chargen
23-139E2 VT100 terminal board ROM
23-140E2 VT100 terminal board ROM
23-158E4 early KDF11-BE boot ROMs
23-159E4 early KDF11-BE boot ROMs
23-170E5 TQK50 ROMs, rev.1
23-171E5 TQK50 ROMs, rev.1
23-178E5 RQDX2 T-11 code, issue 1 (V10.0D)
23-179E5 RQDX2 T-11 code, issue 1 (V10.0D)
23-180E2 VT132 terminal board ROM
23-180E5 TQK50 ROMs, rev.2 (C1)
23-181E2 VT132 terminal board ROM23-183E2
23-181E5 TQK50 ROMs, rev.2 (C1)
23-183E2 VT132 terminal board ROM23-183E2
23-216E5 RQDX3 T-11 code issue 1
23-217E5 RQDX3 T-11 code issue 1
23-451E4 DELUA ROMs
23-452E4 DELUA ROMs

I have:
23-032E2 23-110E6 23-173E5 23-254E6 23-340E2 F311-103
23-033E2 23-111E6 23-183E4 23-261E5 23-340E5 F311-123
23-034E2 23-115E4 23-184E4 23-262E5 23-380E4 MRV11BArom
23-039D1 23-116E4 23-188E5 23-264E4 23-381E4 MXV11A_x0
23-040D1 23-126E4 23-189E5 23-265E4 23-381E6 MXV11A_x1
23-042E5 23-127E4 23-208E5 23-285E5 23-382E6
23-043E5 23-145E4 23-209E5 23-286E5 23-383E5
23-045E2 23-146E4 23-238E4 23-334E5 23-384E5
23-046E2 23-168E5 23-239E4 23-335E5 23-398E4
23-054E7 23-169E5 23-243E5 23-339E2 23-399E4
23-061E2 23-172E5 23-244E5 23-339E5 23-453E6

The F311 images are for a Baydel QBus floppy controller, the MRV11BArom
is a fusible-link PROM image, the MXV11A images are from a custom set.
 These are all 8-bit (or in a very few caes 16-bit) wide ROMs suitable
for conventional EPROMs.

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