Pressed Particle Board Shelving Warning

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Date: Thu May 27 19:14:26 2004

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> On May 27, 9:08, Stan Barr wrote:
> > The desk on which my main Mac sits is made of this stuff and is
> sagging
> > under the weight of the two monitors. That's only a year old.
> Needless
> > to say it's scheduled for prompt replacement with a steel desk!
> Cheaper solution: get 2 or 3 lengths 1" square steel tube (Dexion
> Speedframe or equivalent), drill 3/16" holes through them every 12" -
> 18", and screw them to the underside. That'll stiffen it enough. I've
> got some benches that are made rather like like that, and I can stand
> on them without them sagging.
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You can also use a strip of 1x2 under the front edge, with the 1" edge
against the particle board in order for the weight to be put against the
grain. Just this will strengthen particle board very well. If you cut your
shelf supports about 1" shorter than the shelve, it will sit level with the
1x2 just past the edge of the support.
There are, of course, different kinds of particle board. High density does
exist and is used by good kitchen manufacturers for shelving. I use cheap
stuff but with the 1x2 trick and it works fine.
(Really off topic now, I have an article about a very classy floor made of
particle board tiles, highly varathaned and polished. I think it was 1.25 a
square foot total. )

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