Midi soundblaster direct connect?

From: R. D. Davis <rdd_at_rddavis.org>
Date: Fri May 28 19:15:01 2004

Quothe Tony Duell, from writings of Fri, May 28, 2004 at 11:20:52PM +0100:
> It's not exactly complicated, the only thing you'd need would be a spec
> of what the Soundblaster was expecting.

Somewhere, I read that some of the newer sound cards don't match the
original Soundblaster spec properly and some of the older MIDI adapter
circuits won't work... a current related issue, IIRC. Can anyone
comment on this?

> Raid one from an old SMPSU (they're often used in the voltage regulation
> feebcak circuit)?

Those old PSUs are a source of many useful parts. :-) 4N35s appeared
to be rather inexpensive, so I ordered ten of them and am going to
have a go at building a couple of circuits around them for Mac and PC
MIDI interfaces.

> It may not apply here, but I've seen cheap cables and adapters that are
> so poorly soldered that you have to completely rebuild them. In which
> case it's probably less hassle to make it yourself in the first place.

Besides, one can modify one's circuitry at a later point in time for
whatever reason, more easily than hacking on one of those cables.

> > Besides, by the time you add in mounting and housing, the cost for the
> > homebrew has probably at least doubled, in money and time both.
> I used to estimate {Cost of main components} * 3.

All Electronics sells some inexpensive cases and connectors. Mouser
stocks much nicer connectors, but not perf board (darn that's become
expensive!) and inexpensive cases.

> Anyway, if you just want a quick-n-dirty hack why bother to house it?
> Mount the board ont he DA15 plug or something.

That's good for uses when cabling isn't going to get disturbed much,
but in cases where it will, I'd go with a cheap project box,
connectors, etc.

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