Free: Bunch of Atari 800 stuff, Washington DC area pickup

From: Jeff Davis <>
Date: Fri May 28 21:05:55 2004

Hi all:

I'm clearing out my storage unit and have finally gotten tired of
dragging around my Atari 800 stuff. Here's what's available free (as a
lot - take it all!) in the Washington DC area (Vienna, VA specifically):

3 - Atari 800 consoles, at least 2 work
1 - Atari 810 floppy drive, works iirc
2 - Atari 1050 floppy drives, work iirc
2 - Atari 850 interfaces
1 - 3rd party modem that doesn't need an 850
1 - Atari 410 data cassette recorder in box

Plus cables and power supplies for all the above, and some disks and a
couple of "how to use atari dos" type books. a couple of joysticks too.

Email me if you'd like to drop by and pick up this collection. I'm in
Vienna, Virginia. Anytime this weekend (including Monday) would be great.

Jeff Davis
Received on Fri May 28 2004 - 21:05:55 BST

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