Beige TI99

From: James Rice <>
Date: Sat May 29 11:36:27 2004

Not only was it a reduced cost model, but the GROM chip was revised to
lock out third party cartridges. It was also revised to match the CC40
line of peripherials like the wafer tape drive and all of the stackable
modules that didn't use the PEB.

Ram Meenakshisundaram wrote:

>The beige TI99/4A are the more recent ones. Designed to reduce cost
>PS: Good luck in your new job....
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>Hi folks,
>Anyone come across a beige TI99/4A before? I'd previously thought all beige
>machines were early TI99/4s but last week I was sent a boxed 'Texas
>Instruments 99/4A' that's very beige and hopefully very working....not had a
>chance to test it yet.
>In other news I'm celebrating one month at my new job; it's great to be back
>in a fully equipped workshop with 'scope access and loads of DEC stuff
>amongst other things, so once I'm settled in my new weekday flat (I come
>home at weekends, a nice 500 mile round trip) I'll be able to take dead
>machines down for repair......
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