Computer flooring/flooding/water in computer rooms

From: CRC <>
Date: Sat May 29 15:18:54 2004

Back when I was running a ground station using a Modcomp, the Modcomp
tech came by for scheduled service and told me about a service that he
had just performed at an aluminum smelter. Seems they used the beasties
for controlling the anodic smelting process and placed the computer
right next to the smelter. Inorder to protect it from the heat they put
the crates in a large NEMA box and piped cooling water to a radiator in
the box.

When he arrived he sucessfully ran the system checks from the console
and then opened the box to find the entire thing was full of water.
Seems they were very concientious about using deionized water in their
cooling systems and no harm was done. Other than having to dry
everything out, he had to replace forty-some fans in the unit, reseat
all the chips (hundreds - everything was socketed) and of course repair
the cooling radiator.

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