"First" digital camera

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Date: Sun May 30 10:00:46 2004

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> but I remember the images had a 'gap' down the centre, like the
> ones produced by a DRAM would (that's where the address decoder, etc, are
> on the chip).
That sounds about right. I'd probably rig up a cheap camera lens to focus the
image onto one of the halves of the RAM array.
I found the "Kuckuck" archive as well - it's in German:
It uses a ceramic-with-gold-top NEC 4164 DRAM. Anyone got a few spares lying

> Maybe back then, but I am sure these days you can get a junked camcorder for
> not too much and extract the CCD.
I've got a few JVC camcorder viewfinders that have been reverse-engineered to
the point of being able to display PAL composite video. I might try one of
them on my COSMAC ELF later, just to see if they can sync to NTSC as well.

And now to go back to the fun job of fiddling with a pair of dead Jenoptik
cameras. I've got one working, another just needs some connectors reseating.
I would like to know what the 8-pin SOIC chip that sits between the camera
controller and the video output. Hmm. Pin8 is video out.. Pin5/Pin6 GND, pin7
NC.. Hm. Fun! :)

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