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From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Sun May 30 12:39:49 2004

On May 26, 0:02, Tony Duell wrote:

> All the passengers got out of their seats and rushed to see this.
> Unfortunately, the uneven weight distribution caused ther plane to
> over and crash.
> Which illustrates that 'Too many poles in the right hand half of the
> plane leads to instabilty' :-)

LOL! If you've not already seen them, you'd probably be interested in
two pages designed by one of my mentors, who taught me on the digitasl
Filter Design course some years ago:

Tony (Fisher) probably knew the joke. He wrote, "I've been advised to
say that, although I believe the package to be bug-free, you use the
results at your own peril, and you're advised to check them for
correctness before using them. Don't blame me if your aircraft falls
out of the sky!"

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