IS32 Optic RAM Datasheet and Steve Ciarcia's Micro D-CAM Artical

From: Dave Dunfield <>
Date: Sun May 30 18:01:05 2004

>> I've just checked my archives, and I have a copy of the original
>> two-part artical, called: Build the Micro D-Cam Solid-State Video Camera
>> I also have a copy of the Micron Technology IS32 OpticRAM data sheet.
>> If anyone is interested, I can scan them and post them for public consumption.

>Wow - if they're not too difficult to scan, that'd be great. TTBOMK not even
>Partminer has a datasheet for the IS32. The BYTE articles are pretty elusive
>too, IME.

Ok - I will try to do it soon - I know I'm going to be swamped this week, and the
material is going to take a little bit of tweaking to scan - they are photocopies,
which are fairly readable, but an many of the artical pages the text goes right
to the edge of the page (doesn't look like any of it was lost) - so I'll probably
have to do it on the flatbed and fool with the page position a bit.

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