selectric consoles

From: Andrew K. Bressen <>
Date: Sun May 30 19:22:04 2004

I think Selectrics are pretty cool;
I'd kinda like one I could use as a printer,
and if it could be a full serial tty that would
be even cooler.

So far, I've found that IBM made the 1050 and the 2741 selectric-based console
terminals, both of which were large, heavy, and not very reliable.

Did IBM ever do any better, like say a serial module for a selectric III?

I know some of the Wheelwriter typewriters had serial ports,
but the golf ball type elements are just too much cooler.

I found some web pages that talk about Trendata ttys based on selectrics,
but very little hard info; anyone here know anything about them?

I also remember the ByteWriter and similar contraptions that strapped a
bunch of solenoids on top of a typewriter keyboard, but while
entertainingly kludgy, that lacks a certain degree of elegance.

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