Hugely OT VW history. Was RE: What's the weirdest ...

From: Ulf Andersson <>
Date: Sat May 29 14:08:47 2004


> --- Jules is hereby accused of writing this about VW beetles ---
> Well they've been around since what, late 1930's? The Kombi was a bit
> later, late 40's I think. Of course I have no idea when they made it to
> your side of the pond...

Asking uncle Google, I got the following useful links for VW history:

As the story goes, the first Beetles were made right before WW-II in
1936. At that time they weren't yet named VolksWagen but were named
KdF-wagen (Kraft durch Freude - Strength through joy). After the war,
the factory was comissioned by the British blah, blah, blah...
go follow the link to read the whole story.

The first two Beetles shipped to USA went over in 1948. Should have
been fairly uncommon until 58 I guess, but I wasn't born, and not in
the States anyway.


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