general electric terminal?

From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Mon May 31 17:51:54 2004

On Mon, 31 May 2004, Brian Mahoney wrote:

> In the local Goodwill this morning, there was a large General Electric
> printer/terminal(?) stand out front in the weekend dropoff area. It stood
> about three feet high, had a keyboard, with a printer behind it and a data
> cassette holder in the upper right console area which also had rocker
> switches on it. Sorry for the bad description but I was in a rush.
> The thing looked in perfect condition, similar to a teletype machine I had
> seen once, although the keys didn't look like teletype keys. The cassette
> part intrigued me but I didn't have time to examine it and I completely
> forget what the name of the unit was. It was GE for sure.
> Basically if anyone has interest in rescuing it, I will head back tomorrow
> to fetch it. Otherwise does anyone know what it was, from my terrible
> description?

It definitely sounds like something worth rescuing. Someone somewhere
should want it. I'd want it if it were closer.

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