Computer flooring/flooding/water in computer rooms

From: ed sharpe <>
Date: Mon May 31 19:03:25 2004

thankfully we never got water under ours.... we used to stash stuff there we
did not want to clutter the main part of the room and arranged it so that it
would "duct" the air to the equipment bays that needed it!

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> On May 29, 9:12, John Boffemmyer IV wrote:
> > Ah yes, flooding. Water and 20A 120 don't like mixing too much.
> [...]
> > You guy's stories are more interesting though as per the capability
> of
> > larger loss and a lot more water. Just thought I'd contribute my
> little bit.
> We were lucky; the concrete floor slopes slightly towards the aircon
> and the water level didn't reach any electrical circuits. If it had
> been an inch or so higher, it could have shorted all the circuits.
> Let's see, that's 3 phases times 8 (IIRC) dual sockets, each on a 30A
> 240V circuit. The UPS wouldn't have helped much, its 3-phase 6 x 30A
> circuits terminate in sockets bolted to the same concrete floor. Of
> course, the UPS won't actually supply 3 x 180A, more like 3 x 48A;
> similarly the raw mains isn't 3 x 240A, more like 3 x 100A.
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