OT: Hp JetDirect 300X help question

From: Vintage Computer Festival <vcf_at_siconic.com>
Date: Mon May 31 21:43:14 2004

Sorry for the OT but I'm stumped and the web has no answers for me (and
neither do stupid HP and stupid Xerox).

I've got an HP JetDirect 300X print server. I'm attaching my Xerox XD125f
printer/copier to it to so that I can print from any machine on my
network. For some reason, Xerox's driver will not allow printing from
stations on the network other than the host. It will queue the job but
when I look at the queue on the host it has errored out for some
inexplicable reason. Also, when I print from the host, it loads down the
computer for about 5 seconds until the job is sent to the printer. This
is also annoying.

So I put this print server in to hopefully accomplish two things: to allow
printing from any station on my network and to not bog down my computer
when I print.

When I attach the printer to the print server it gets recognized by the
JetDirect. However, if I press the test button on the JetDirect I do not
get a test page printed out. That's one problem, and probably the one to
figure out for the rest of this setup to work.

If I setup a network printer port on a computer and then try to print to
that port, it tries to queue up the job but then fails. I don't know if
the JetDirect is not getting the job or if it is failing the job because
it can't dump the job to the printer.

I've done everything I can think of with the JetDirect. I've updated it's
flash memory to the latest BIOS; I've checked all its settings and am able
to connect to its web interface and all that. The one thing it really
lacks is any sort of diagnostics to help figure out these problems, and
stupid HPs website won't allow any sort of support questions to get asked
about this product.

So my only guess at this point is that the Xerox is one of those stupid
WinPrinters that requires a windows box to print from. I don't know for
sure. Xerox's manual is a fucking joke. So is Xerox at this point for
that matter.

Anyone have any clues to share? Please respond to private e-mail.


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