Intel MDS Further Information

From: Steve Thatcher <>
Date: Mon Nov 1 12:28:38 2004

the cable setup I had when I received the MDS225 machine was two cables and someone had plugged both of them into the two floppy controller boards. One cable has two 37 pin connectors for drives 0,1 and 2,3 and the other cable had a 37 pin connector and the 50 pin edge for the internal drive. I hadn't really paid attention to the card details to know that the connectors should not have both been plugged in. I never had a dual cabinet to try it with either (that is what I am cuurently working on).

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I think the cable you are talking about was to allow you to control two
external DD drives through the 37-pin connector on the back and ALSO the
internal drive as DD with the cable what went to the 50-pin on that
drive. I also have one and it works that way, if I am thinking of the
cable you are referring to.
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