new find: another HP 1000!

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Mon Nov 1 13:29:18 2004

  The FEM board has five sets of ROMs. Here's the list: Set A: 5180-0141
Unmarked 5180-0143. Set B: 12883-80019 12823-80020 12823-80021. Set C:
12824-80007 12824-80008 12824-80009. Sets D, E and F are empty. Set G:
92084-80004 92084-80005 92084-80006. Set H: 92084-80001 92084-80002

    Can you tell me what these are for? Don't forget that this is an F
series and has the FPU so they may be for it.

    No FAB board.

    The Boot ROMs are PN: 5081-2361, 12992-80005, 1816-0857 and 1816-0962.
According to the ROM manual the first two are the 7900/7905 Standard Boot
Loader and CS/80 Disk Boot Loader. I couldn't find a match on the PNs for
the other two. Looking inside the front panel it looks like the ROMs are:
791(unreadable), console, 7914 Disk and 7970 Tape. It looks like they're in
the wrong order. It's not surprising, the markings have been crossed out
and written over several times.

  Also found out last night that this one has the High-Performace Memory
cards (12749H) and HP Memory Controller (2102E). Also I set the system up
today and ran the memory test. Everything works perfectly.


At 08:02 PM 10/30/04 -0500, you wrote:
>Joe R> wrote...
>> I checked and the
>> CPU section has a DCPC card, Memory Protect Bd, Mem Bd, four 256KW memory
>> cards and a 2102E Memory Controller. The IO side is full of cards.
>What's more interesting than the cards, is the firmware chips on the FEM
>board, and on the FAB board underneath the cpu card (if it has one).
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