Intel MDS Further Information

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Mon Nov 1 13:37:49 2004

At 08:45 AM 11/1/04 -0800, Dwight wrote:
>Hi Scott

>you should note that there is an small interconnect for the
>aux bus connector that goes between the two disk controller
>cards. This may be bolted to the frame but it need to be there
>for the cards to work.

  I was going to mention that. You can see what the interconnects look like
by the one that's one on your controller card. There MUST also be one
between the two cards for the emulator. Intel usually bolted these to the
card cage so they stayed in the CC when you removed the cards. However it
was a PITA to bolt them in so many owner's and upgrade technicians simply
plugged them into the cards and let them just sit in the CC. Just be sure
that you install them when you reinstall the cards. AND be sure and move
any that are bolted into the CC if you move their associates cards to other

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