new find: an Intel MDS 800

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Mon Nov 1 15:28:43 2004

  It's still not working for me. The Legal Notices and Press Releases links
work but not the other two. Odd.


At 06:25 AM 11/1/04 -0500, you wrote:
>it works just fine and I just cut and pasted it from browsing just before
I sent the message. I also just cut and pasted the link just a moment ago
that I gave out and it works fine. Try going just to - if you
can't get there it could be a Florida issue (I am in Virginia). Every once
in awhile, the lines appear to go down that connect the US together. If the
browser said it was trying to open the site then the DNS server supplied an
IP address to your browser and there is a line issue to the west coast. If
it said it was trying to find the site, then you were not able to get to
the DNS server to translate the name to an IP address and your connection
to the DNS server is in question.
>Of course it could be a browser issue if you aren't using that OS and
browser that lots of people seem to blast all the time... (I don't recall
your preference)
>best regards, Steve
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>>Intel has a complete chronology of all their devices and systems at:
> It's a dead link when I try it. How long since you've looked at it? I
>remember seeing a chronological list from Intel a couple of years ago but
>it only including ICs.
> Joe
>>> How sure are you of these dates? I've been trying to find out exactly
>>>when the various models were released but never found found anything that
>>>was authoritative.
>>> Joe
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