require input form respected peers :^)

From: chris <>
Date: Mon Nov 1 15:40:14 2004

>In the meantime, I've used my portable Cybiko as an eBook reader, and a few
>other trivial tasks.

I know this is going off topic, but how well does it work as an eBook

I'm looking for something fairly portable for ebooks. I have stacks of
books and manuals in either HTML, Text, CHM (crappy HTML), or PDF format.
And I haven't read them all yet because currently my computer is the best
place to read them, which conflicts with me getting most of my reading
done on the crapper.

So I either need some portable unit to start reading ebooks, or I have to
install a computer in my bathroom... humm... no for the sake of my
marriage, I'd better just go with a portable unit.

I've used my Palm for the text files, but the formatted HTML, and CHM
files don't work so well on that small of a screen. And my Palm can't
handle PDF. Is the Cybiko any better of a screen then a Palm? Can it do
anything beyond plain text?

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