new find: another HP 1000!

From: Jay West <>
Date: Mon Nov 1 21:29:21 2004

Joe wrote...
> First it appears
> that this one has had the HP 12823F F series Enhancement/Upgrade Kit
> installed. The kit consist of three parts; (1) Base Instruction Set
> upgrade
> (ROMs 012117-80016, 80017 and 80018 on the CPU card). (2) Scientific
> Instruction Set (ROM set A on the FEM board). (3) Fast Fortran Processor
> Set (Set B on the FEM board). Set C on the FEM board is the Vector
> Instruction Set.
I'm not an expert on the F series, but as I understand it I think the above
options are standard on the F? But anyways, that's pretty much loaded with
everything I've heard of.

> Sets G and H are something called RTE-6/VM Operating
> System EMA/VMA Firmware.
Sweet... I have a couple sets of that firmware too. Means you can run
RTE-6/VM. I'm gonna have to pull out those manuals some day :) But then,
I've never been a huge fan of RTE from what I saw of it. I like something
more "general purpose". HP-IPL/OS looks promising. Or maybe I'll play around
and write something new, perhaps modled after primos. Great catch in any
case Joe.

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