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From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Tue Nov 2 02:00:59 2004

On Nov 1 2004, 17:29, chris wrote:
> >Not terrific. I'd think that any Palm Pilot would be better. I was
> >goofing around with the Cybiko, trying to find interesting things to
> >with it. No backlight doesn't help for reading in bed.
> Ok, thanks, so I'm back at square one.
> I think maybe I'll buy an old tablet PC on ebay. I can probably pick
> an early pentium unit for $100 or so, and speed isn't important for
> reading a PDF.

Another possibility would be a Sharp Zaurus. They run Linux. I have
an SL-5600, which I use with Kermit (serial port) and telnet (Ethernet
or wireless) for talking to network switches, but it has a good browser
and you can get a PDF viewer for it. I've not used the PDF viewer so I
don't know how good it is.

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