'Old PC' emulation ?

From: bert_at_brothom.nl <(bert_at_brothom.nl)>
Date: Tue Nov 2 13:10:48 2004

Hi Fred,

> So.. what it boils down to is: is there any (serious) project on doing
> a "old pc systems" emulation a la SimH, which does, for example, a
> pure IBM PC, PC/XT or PC/AT ?

Andy once told me (us) that in the beginning of Minix he got it almost
finished, but that there was one weird instability problem. To solve this,
he wrote an emulator that completely emulated a PC (I think back in those
days that must have been a PC/XT or something like that, he talked about
hardware without harddrive, only 2 5,25" disk drives) to figure out what
happened. To his disappointment it didn't give him a solution, as the
system behaved stable in his emulator. In the end, someone pointed him in
the direction of spurious interrupts. In the end that was the cause of the

Andy said that the code of his simulator must be around on the internet.
Perhaps you can find it and compile a version to run on Windows. Maybe
it's even on one of your disks!

Besides that, I would like to point out that current releases of Minix are
documented to run on Boochs.

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