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Date: Tue Nov 2 17:50:03 2004

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> On Tue, Nov 02, 2004 at 08:16:47AM -0800, Ron Hudson wrote:
> > >Oh, now that hurts! I hope someone can at least grab the DEC HW!
> > >Especially the Gi-Gi, and MINC!
> >
> > What's a Gi-Gi? I googled but all I got was a bunch of
> italian sites.
> It's a DEC graphics terminal - there's some Gigi-specific
> programs for TOPS-20, I know. It's more-or-less a precursor
> to the VT240/241, but IIRC, it has an accessible BASIC
> interpreter for its internal 8-bit processor.

The DEC VK100 (aka GiGi) was a ReGIS graphics terminal from around 1978 so
it's not VT100 compatible, only VT52. Apparently it has enough power to plot
the Datatrieve Wombat so this means I need to get an old version of
Datatrieve going just so I can do that :) It's Intel 8085 based and runs
Microsloth BASIC depending on how it's powered up I think.

Search for 'dec vk100' instead of 'gigi' and you'll have more success.

One of these days I'll get the required PSU smoothing caps to get mine going
again; it should run without them of course but it made such a noise when
they went off I want to make sure they're in place before I power up


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