Up For Grabs: HP 13037 and HP 7925 disk drive

From: Joe R. <rigdonj_at_cfl.rr.com>
Date: Tue Nov 2 17:59:00 2004

   I spotted these in a scrap place today. I brought the 13037 home but the
7925 was too big to fit in the car. The 13037 looks like it's in perfect
condition and I have the cables for it. I think this stuff orginally came
with the HP 1000 that I found last week. At any rate, I have 13037
interface cards in the 1000 and I'm willing to part with them too. The
7925 appears to be complete and in good condition. However it was dropped
off of a truck and may be damaged internally. I don't know if the heads and
spindle were locked or not. I have no way to haul or ship the 7925 so don't
ask. It's located in central Florida so plan on coming and getting it if
you want it. Anyone intersted in the 7925 needs to let me know ASAP so that
I can make sure that it doesn't get torn apart for the gold scrap and

   Best offer or trade me something that I can't live without :-)

  PS it looks like these have the MAC interface.
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