"Old PC" emulation ?

From: David Holland <dholland_at_woh.rr.com>
Date: Tue Nov 2 19:44:00 2004

On Tue, 2004-11-02 at 20:08, Jim Brain wrote:


> There is also DOSBox: http://dosbox.sourceforge.net.

DOSbox is a "DOS" emulator specifically targetted to run older style DOS
games. I know of no way to install a alternate OS in it.

I suppose if your alternate OS could be loaded via a method like loadlin
does for DOS & Linux, you might be able to get somewhere.

It looks like DOSBox is at least a rudamentary 386 emulator as it'll run
Ultima7, and Ultima8 (Which amazingly are on topic these days. :-) )
> Bochs tries to emulate newer machines, while DOSBox caters to older PC
> emulation.
> There is also QEMU: http://fabrice.bellard.free.fr/qemu/
> Though I have no first hand knowledge of this one.

Haven't heard too much about QEMU, other than (in a entirely OT sort of
way) its a good way to run the x86 Linux NeverWinter Nights game server,
under PPC Linux. :->


> Jim
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