OT: Fastest Pentium Pro?

From: Teo Zenios <teoz_at_neo.rr.com>
Date: Wed Nov 3 10:20:34 2004

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> On Wed, 3 Nov 2004, Scarletdown wrote:
> > What was the fastest Pentium Pro CPU produced? On one site that a
> > Jeeves search turned up, there was mention of the Pro getting up to
> > 300MHz, yet another search result says that the fastest is 200MHz.
> >
> > Plus, the HP Vectra XA that I am tinkering with uses a Pentium Pro CPU
> > (she currently has a 200), and according to the geeksheet for this
> > motherboard (http://www.embeddedlogic.com/TH99/m/E-H/35391.htm) this
> > board can take up to a 266.
> >
> > So, which is it?
> The fastest one produced was 200MHz. They had 150, 180 and 200MHz
> versions, with cache sizes ranging from 256KB to 2MB. My primary
> file server at the office is a Compaq Proliant 6000 with four of
> the PPro/200 CPU's with 2MB cache each, and that thing just does
> not give up. Although all my other servers are MUCH faster CPU-
> wise, this box handles the Win2000 Advanced Server plus SFU plus
> BackupExec very well.
> Anyway, the answer would be '200'. They did project releases of
> 266 and 300MHz, but there ended up being early Pentium II's.
> --f

PPro overdrives hit 333Mhz (I have 2 on a Intel PPro motherboard PR440FX).
The overdrive is a P2 chip with 512KB cache w/ECC running at the processor
speed, unlike a normal P2 with cache that runs at 1/2 CPU speed.

They are fairly inexpensive and can found here:

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