1mbit dram chips?

From: Pete Turnbull <pete_at_dunnington.u-net.com>
Date: Wed Nov 3 15:30:36 2004

On Nov 3 2004, 21:16, Fred N. van Kempen wrote:

> My system came with one of the last NEAT-based mainboard, which
> did support both the 1Mbit DRAM chips, as well as those funky
> "SIPP" modules. It had 2 banks of those chips installed, and,
> at the time, I also had two banks of SIPPs in it, for a total
> of 4MB. For some reason, the SIPPs have been pulled, so I am
> now looking for a bunch of either SIPP modules, and/or about
> 18 of the 1Mbit chips to "fill the board." A 80286-12 copro
> would be fun, too.

I used to have one like that, and I may even still have some SIPPs --
but they would be 256K SIPPs, which you probably don't want. However,
you do realise that SIPPs and SIMMs of the same size (capacity) have
exactly the same pinout? You could either tack pins onto SIMMs (I've
seen it done) or fit a SIMM socket to the board, if the spacing between
the SIPPs is standard. I may also have some 1MB DRAM. What pinout and
config does your board need?

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