New finds: Some days you win, other days you WIN!

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Wed Nov 3 18:40:44 2004

At 01:24 PM 11/3/04 -0800, you wrote:
>> Anyone have a manual or more information about these?
>Tom should for his LGP. I have some information as well that I'll get
scanned and
>on line.
>Any IBM Executive model 'C' typewriters are worth digging out.

   There was an OLD IBM typewriter but I'm not sure if it was a C or not
but it looked close. However it's already gone to the great boneyard in the
sky. They loaded it and a lot of other stuff on a truck and hauled them
away. I saw the discussions about the model C a week or so ago but didn't
pay much attention to them and I wasn't aware that you wanted one. Sorry.


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