No more bids from the EU

From: Jos Dreesen <>
Date: Wed Nov 3 21:53:53 2004

Am donderdag, 04.11.04, um 01:50 Uhr (Europe/Zurich) schrieb Joe R.:

> Interesting. Looks like I will have to stop selling to Germany at
> least.
> Too bad I've sold a lot of stuff to the Germans and I've never had a
> problem (except LONG delays in customs). This was a German court
> ruling.
> Does it apply to the other EU countries?
> Joe
AFAIK it does apply to all EU countries, but only affects business
Private sales, from one individual to another, are not covered by this

This ruling basically states that ebay sales from a company to an
individual are equal to mailorder sales.

We have more than enough USA only offerings as it is....Sadly also is having more and more "DE only" offerings.

                                Jos Dreesen
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