Surviving UK Transputer systems...

From: Ram Meenakshisundaram <RMeenaks_at_OLF.COM>
Date: Thu Nov 4 05:16:43 2004

The board is a Niche Technologies NT1000 Advanced Computing Platform. Never
seen one, but that is what it is. Niche became absorbed somewhat by
Transtech later on. So, some of their products were later manufactured by
transtech. The NT1000 was re-named to something else by transtech, don't
remember the name. I get back to you on that. Niche made several sun
transputer boards. Martin Frank OAKES used to work there and when Niche got
bought out, they formed K-Par Systems which designed software and some
hardware as well. I talked to Martin a while back, very nice chap. Talk to
him if you need more details. His website is:



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> 9U. Do you got a picture of this? Never seen a 9U Eurocard
> transputer

No picture yet. I can take one sometime, but it will be on film (and I
have no scanner), as I will only buy a digitial camera when the quality
exceeds that of my existing medium and large format film cameras...

It looks like a normal Sun 3 board (with the metal pannel, carrying some
DC37 connectors, presumanly for external trasnputer links).

> board. Who made it? Whats wrong with that Museum???

It claims to be have been made by Niche Technologies Ltd. Never heard of

As regards what's wrong with the museum, I'd rather my machines were used
by people who actually appreciate them. That's quita apart from the fact
that I've had experience of said museum and some of their policies (at
least 10 years ago) left a lot to be desired.


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