GPIB Interface

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Thu Nov 4 13:23:04 2004

Rumor has it that CRC may have mentioned these words:
>For those interested in hooking up GPIB equipment to your VAXen, I ran
>across on ePay an IEZ11 SCSI to GPIB interface that was designed for
>ViewItem&category=39969&item=5136038770&rd=1>. Open VMS has a driver
>for the beast albeit retired...

Speaking of GPIB, I saw one of these (or somesuch very similar) at my
neighborly Chevy dealer when I needed to get a software update for my
rear-view mirror on my Avalanche:

(beware of linewrapping)

It's a GPIB to USB interface, and works with Winders and maybe Linux.
As I own nothing that's GPIB that I know of, it was little more than a
curiousity to me, but just in case others who do didn't know these exist... ;-)

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