Cleaning gungy Flexowriter

From: Tom Jennings <>
Date: Thu Nov 4 13:44:55 2004

Two more notes on cleaning this stuff:

I used the same trick on my 1920's? Model 102 strip printer,
but that required partial disassembly of the sliding print bar
decoder, it's basically a tight stack of bars and needed mild
abrasive cleaning (crocus cloth or something).

Both it and the first model 28 have seen 50 - 100 hours of use
since cleaning.

The other is, the rubber rollers in my Flexo (paper platen, and the
weird timing mechanism underneath) are stiff as granite, but it seems
to work fine; print quality somewhat wsuffers but not enough to
spend a fortune rebuilding.

THe timing roller has cracks in the rubber, even, and works,
though we'll see how long it lasts in use. I suppose I shoudl
carefully record dimensions for later recoating.
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