more Flexowriter

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Thu Nov 4 16:12:29 2004

   I've been cleaning and repairing the Flexowriter today. While I was
working on it I took some pictures. Here they are. The first ones show it
just the way that I got it. This
<> is what it looked like when
I got it. Here is a picture of the left side with the PT reader and punch
<>. Here is a picture of
the back showing the label <>.
Right hand side <>. One of
neat things about it is that it has a stand built into the back of it so
that you can stand it up and work underneath it. Here is a picture of the
stand <>. It has two shafts
that stick out of the back on the machine near the top and a shaft with two
wheels that runs across the bottom. The wheels on the shaft are wood!

   OK enough of the "dirty" pictures. Here's some more after I cleaned it
up a bit. Here's what the bottom looks like. Note that it's sitting up on
the built-in stand. <>. Here
are closeups of the motor and the two connectors coming from the PT Reader
and Punch <>. Here is a
closeup of the PT punch with the cover removed,
<>. And here is a close up of
the PT Reader with the cover removed,
<>. Another close up of the
bottom showing the self tensioner for the carriage drive belt and AC
terminal strip. The last picture shows the "stuff" on the RH side with the
cover removed. The switches at the RH are used to generate the six bit
character code. I believe the round deice in the center is the clutch for
the carriage drive belt. It seems to be stuck ON at the moment. The belt in
the picture is the one that drives the carriage left and right. I'm not
sure what the electromagnet on the bottom left is for. The power switch is
shown above the electromagnet.

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