Parts for Allergan Humphrey (vision field analzyer)

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Date: Thu Nov 4 12:40:21 2004

Model 605 by Allergan Humphrey, Instruments/a SmithKline Company
Field Analzyer

That thing landed at our TV shop with insufficient vertical
complaint. (I see it this way as rolling and grabage video).

Computer inside is very on topic and old! Intel 8088, 256K, 6845
video with pair of RCA 6264 ram for video etc, small handful of PALs
and load of TTL ICs.

I used to service TTL stuff like Z19 terminals XTs stuff back in
very early 90's at university. So I rubbed my hands in glee because
this is my area!

Figured out the CPU is "dead" because of no clock feeding it. Hence
the grabage rolling vertically and insufficent vertical scan on the
monochrome CRT. I noticed that unit has ROM for CPU is missing but
that doesn't explain no activity on the CPU even without ROM.

I need to be double certain so need older data sheets.
Googled for 8088 pin out and I was disappointed. Need to get info.

I'll post both photos of that unif and list of IC I need data on
them tomorrow night.


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