Anything in the Ottawa - Toronto - Guelph area?

From: Bryan Pope <>
Date: Thu Nov 4 21:32:16 2004

And thusly Mike Kenzie spake:
> I'll be making a trip this weekend to pick up a few ICON's.

I want pictures of them! :) I used to use them in high school... It's
where I first learned 'C'. I believe they also used the QNX OS, which
coincidently I program under now... :) (Using C, of course!)

> Passing throught Toronto from Ottawa on route to Guelph.

Somewhat OT, but there is the Sleeman's brewery in Guelph. ;-)

> Since I'm renting a van for the trip I may have some space for additional
> machines.

An ICON for me? ;)


Bryan Pope
Received on Thu Nov 04 2004 - 21:32:16 GMT

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