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From: Ram Meenakshisundaram <RMeenaks_at_OLF.COM>
Date: Fri Nov 5 09:21:00 2004

That is not true. There are several Pentium4-based AGP, ISA, PCI based
motherboards. I went a different route for my transputers which are
ISA-based for the most part (I use an SBC Pentium4 with 8 ISA, and 12 PCI
slots). The problem is that they are a bit expensive compared to a regular
Pentium4 motherboard. The necessity is due to the tremendous amount of
industrial equipment that needs to continue running on an ISA-based machine.
Here is one: (This one is on the
expensive side, but I saw one for about $300)...



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> For those interested in hooking up GPIB equipment to your VAXen, I ran
> across on ePay an IEZ11 SCSI to GPIB interface that was designed for
> VMS.
> <
> ViewItem&category=39969&item=5136038770&rd=1>. Open VMS has a driver
> for the beast albeit retired...

Speaking of GPIB... Does anyone have a spare PCI or PCMCIA GPIB interface
lying around? I've been looking into upgrading the machine I use for
downloading IA files to my logic analyser, but no-one seems to sell PC
motherboards that have both an ISA slot and an AGP slot, and take a fairly
recent CPU. That and PCI GPIB cards seem to sell on ebay for stupidly high
prices - I saw one listed as "Untested, no warranty" go for nearly $300...

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