Cleaning gungy Flexowriter

From: Tom Jennings <>
Date: Fri Nov 5 13:51:34 2004

On Fri, 5 Nov 2004, Chad Fernandez wrote:

> A word of warning here.... Castrol Super Clean (the original purple degreaser)
> can degloss paint and fade some plastics. If an alternative can't be found,
> I'd dilute it with water before contact with the machine.

A good point; this stuff is HARSH. It's a degreaser, and
contains a lot of lye, amongst other things, it eats skin
(literally makign you bleed if you leave it on your skin). I
didn't say, but it seems obvious, rapidly effective chemistry
isn't selective, and cover your ass and other parts liberally
with latex gloves (no remarks please). I use two layers with
this stuff.

And I don't use it on cosmetic items, as I wouldn't use most
reactive solvents, though for deeply crapped up stuff, it might
be a good last resort.

I use "windex" type cleaners on key caps and the like, and
Dr. Bronners liquid castille soaps and water on cabinets,
or just hand dishwashing liquid and water.

Rarely do I need to use petroleum solvents. I'm not totally
opposed to them, I keep mineral spirits and even a pint of
lacquer thinner around, but that stuff does stink up the world,
costs a lot more, is flammable, etc. My wild days of MEK plus
toluol in an ultrasonic tank without gloves are looong gone
behind me. I hope.

> Tom Jennings wrote:
> > Used automotive "purple cleaner" and a paint brush to remove
> > all the congealed lube and dirt.
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