HP scanner: doubly on-topic!

From: Tom Jennings <tomj_at_wps.com>
Date: Fri Nov 5 14:50:37 2004

I just acquired an old (on-topic)(I think) HP 9195A
flatbed scanner... because it has an ADF (Automatic Document
Feed). Likely it's only 300dpi monochrome, but I want it only
for mass-scanning of (on-topic) crufty docs. (I have a nice,
newish flatbed 2**20 color, 2petapixel/inch scanner I paid
nearly $20 for, 15 minutes ago, but it requires a hairy meat
arm to feed it sheets.)

I found & downloaded the sj121en1.exe driver, which is the
most-recent version, for Win95. I don't have a Win95 machine
(I actually own zero win/dos computers) but bought a loaded
Dell P120 for such things.

My questions are all obvious:

* has anyone used this scanner on linux? (parallel interface, mind you)
* does it work under wine, vmware, dosemu?
* Will it work under WinXP? Win98? DOS?

I do have legit Win95 CDRs to install, as a desparate last
resort. Don't make me install it please!
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