HP scanner: doubly on-topic!

From: Tom Jennings <tomj_at_wps.com>
Date: Fri Nov 5 15:17:40 2004

On Fri, 5 Nov 2004, Patrick Finnegan wrote:

> I've used other HP scanners on Linux, but they were all SCSI interface
> ones. Check out SANE at http://www.sane-project.org/. They've got a
> list of supported scanners. As well, you'll need to know what the
> "real" name, not HP model #, of your scanner is (eg. ScanJet 4c) in
> order to find it on the list.

What a dummy I am. I know about the SANE project, and use it. For
some reason I had lodged in my brain I wouldn't find parport
devices in ther ebut of couse SANE doesn't care about that.

I'll have to wait until I get home to find the model name unless
I can google it.
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